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Silicon Valley Health Plans provides a better position from which Employers can manage uncertainty; self-funded benefit plans bypass the complicated regulations that govern the health insurance industry today.

There are many advantages to self-funding, including the mitigation of the tremendous complexities and restrictions associated with "Obamacare."

One of the primary reasons employers consider self-funding are the significant cost savings. Also, the rules governing self-funded plans are much less restrictive than fully insured plans.
More Detailed Information:
Health Care Reform Leads Employers to Consider Self-Funded Medical Plans

Employers have been looking for ways to control the rising costs of health insurance for years. Reducing benefits to ease rising costs has been the popular alternative.
Times Magazine News Article (2008):
10 Ideas That Are Changing The World

Consult a knowledgeable broker to learn how partially self-funded health plans can be more effective and more affordable.

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Consider This:

Q: Do you want to reduce your plan operating cost, and eliminate most insurance premium taxes?

Q: Do you want to create a custom plan with maximum design flexibility, and include a cost saving
prevention and wellness program?

Q: Do you want to improve your cash flow?

Q: Do you want control over health plan reserves rather than leaving it to an insurance company?

Q: Do you want to attract and retain employees by offering benefits that are better than most?










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