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Benefit Brokerage Services provides the quotes from our various Stop-Loss Carriers comparing the Employer’s current plan rates and benefits.

Please provide the following information in order to obtain the quotes:

  1. Electronic Census information – Age or DOB, Sex, Dep Coverage Status, Home Zip code.
  2. Current rates and benefits – indicate which plan(s) the employee has enrolled into.
  3. Renewal rates.
  4. Employer contribution level for Employee and Dependents.
  5. Any known health condition issues – include diagnosis and prognosis – when and claims cost.

We can assist in making the initial presentation to the Employer (recommended) and provide the Open Enrollment assistance to make the implementation process as smooth as possible. As the General Agent we will provide the on-going support service along with the Third Party Administrator to answer questions and address any concerns from the Employer.

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