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silicon valley health plans
silicon valley health plans
Silicon Valley Health Plans

The Silicon Valley Health Plans are crafted for each Employer taking into account the needs and budget of the Employer.

Employers are assisted in designing a plan to pay for the smaller out-patient charges while securing an Insurance policy to cover the larger Medical charges associated with Hospitalization and out-patient surgery.

Health plans are customized for Employers with 50 Employees to 1,000 Employees. We select Insurance carriers and PPO networks to accommodate the size of the Employers and location of the employees to maximize savings.


The main components of a partially self-funded plan
High Deductible Stop-Loss Carrier
Third Party Administrator
PPO Network
Prescription Drug Program
Prevention & Wellness Program
Cost Containment Program


All of these components are implemented to assist the Employer to administer their plan of benefits for the lowest cost possible.
Many plan designs are available with various benefit levels under the direction and control of the Employer. The Employer chooses from various deductible levels, coinsurance levels, co-pays, pharmacy benefits and can also offer a government compatible Health Savings Plan (HSA).

The proposal we provide compares the current fully insured plan premium with the cost of the component parts that make up the Silicon Valley Health Plans. It clearly and specifically outlines all contract provisions, the premiums, and the claims factors of the Reinsurance Carriers. There is disclosure and transparency of costs including monthly claims reports which are not generally available with the Employer’s current carrier.

The plan is currently available to groups of 50 to 1,000 employees in California and many other states. Let us provide a proposal so you can see how our plan works.










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